• Charlotte Buckseall

Westone Manor Photoshoot

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Its been a long time coming but what a way to kick off our brand new blog than with a run through of what went down at our recent bridal photoshoot at the Westone Manor Hotel on Sunday 13th October.

Starting way back at a wedding fair at the hotel in August, during a discussion with the brilliant and funny Gavin of Pzazz Photography ( and lovely Lisa of Cloud 9 Event Hire (, we all thought it would be awesome to showcase our work through visual media, giving you guys, future brides (and grooms!) an idea of what we, as a group, have to offer.

In the weeks following, we contacted Shades Hair & Beauty ( to arrange some fabulous hair and make up looks for our stunning models - and that's how we became a full team!

Ideally we would have liked to of conducted the majority of the shoot in the beautiful grounds of the hotel but the weather had other ideas! It rained and poured all morning and afternoon and when the sun finally did decide to make its appearance, we were packing up! Which is just typical of British weather really! We managed with doing the shoot indoors in the main room of Westone Manor. If you're looking for a pretty little venue that won't break your budget, we'd seriously recommend you give them a look in: It all came together nicely in the end though and we were thrilled with the results. Shades nailed that dewy wedding day glow and had all of our models looking fresh with make up that lasted the entirety of the day!

All of our gowns featured on the day are by two wonderful and talented designers who we've worked with for many years due to our trust in them. The quality and intricacy of their collections have never faltered and have kept us coming back for more samples. They are: and

These two brands have always been a favourite amongst our clients due to the diversity of what they can offer our brides in terms of options of adding sleeves or taking away mesh panels across the chest. All dresses are customisable to the Brides desire!

That being said, we wanted our models to be an absolute display of body positivity. At our wedding dress shop, it is key for us to show you that we are inclusive of not just one body shape or sense of style but of them ALL.

The girls themselves had a lovely time getting dolled up for the shoot. All of them were phenomenal and despite the majority having had little to no modelling experience, we think they were the best fit for the job! They executed flawlessly what makes your day-to-day bride. A real representation of the ladies that come into our Northampton shop every week and have done so for the past ten years. We wanted women that you, yourself, could relate too - your own kind of perfect! We have had custom with all sizes, heights, races and even genders. Our value has always remained that the best version of you is the one where you are yourself and not trying to be somebody else.

When our girls all lined up for this group shot, I have to say I couldn't help but do a very audible scream. They just look AMAZING!!!

As I'd previously mentioned, we had wished to of taken our photos within the grounds of the hotel but the weather wasn't playing ball. Cue Lisa from Cloud 9 Events saving the day with her stunning backdrops! They were the perfect prop we needed and the light and glow just bounced back off of them as you can see above! Your guests could take some awesome group selfies in front of these!

If you would like anymore information regarding anything in this blog post, please don't hesitate to either call us or drop us a message and ask! All of the gowns are available to try on in store and all of the vendors would be happy to help too, just follow the links! Thanks for reading and keep your eye out for the next blog post! Team Bonsoire x