Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my appointment at Bonsoire?

At Bonsoire, we believe that searching for your dream dress should be an experience - which is why it should be intimate and private.
We will show you up the stairs to our bridal suite or our evening wear showroom, where you will be able to browse our designs in peace and at your own pace. We will discuss with you what it is that you are looking for and we will help you select a collection of gowns to match your description.
Your loved ones can relax on our sofas whilst we take you to your own dressing room where we will assist in helping you into the dresses. Then we will help you decide on whether the dress is right for you or if we can help you continue with your search.

How Far in advance should I start looking for my Dress?

For Brides - In an ideal world, you will start looking for your dress approximately one year before your wedding date. This gives you and us enough time for the dress to arrive, fittings and final appointments...
But we also know that sometimes life happens and you might need a dress way before then! If thats the case, we may be able to help! We've even had brides come in on a Thursday and married on a Saturday!

Evening Wear -You can start prom dress shopping whenever you like, however, the best time to begin your search for a prom dress would be around late January - February. The majority of our complete, new collections will have arrived and be ready to try on by then which gives you first dibs on what you are able to wear to your prom (we never sell the same dress to the same school twice). This also allows enough time for your dress to arrive and have any necessary alterations.

We do have a large collection of 'Off The Peg' designs which are available to take away today!

What is your Price Range?

Brides - Our wedding dresses start at £299 and our most expensive gown is £1500. You can expect to pay a price within this range.
We do also have our bridal sale which is regularly updated with samples that are in perfect condition. These dresses begin at as little as £75.

Evening Wear - Our gowns start from as little as £29.00 in our sale range and our most expensive prom dress is currently £399. So you can expect an entire array of prices between those two figures. There is plenty to choose from to fit every budget.

What sizes are your sample gowns?

We carry all sizes, although our most common sizes are 12, 14 and 16. But please don't worry - we are very clever with being able to tuck, pin and strap dresses to your size!

Fake Tan/Make Up

Please please don't wear fake tan to your appointment! Unfortunately it destroys our dresses as it comes off VERY easily and it is impossible to remove. This therefore is at a big cost to us as we have to replace our sample gowns with new ones.
As for make up, if you must wear it, we will permit light, minimal make up but we ask that you do not wear lipstick.

Shall I bring anything with me?

It is entirely your choice and not essential at all but if you would like to bring a nude strapless bra, you can - although the majority of our gowns have built in cups (yay!) so you won't have to worry too much!
You may also like to bring a comfy pair of heels if you are planning on wearing them on the big day, just to give you an idea of extra added height.

How many guests can I bring with me?

We welcome you to bring a maximum of 3 guests to your appointment. This means that we can put our sole focus on you as big groups can be quite a distraction and differing opinions can often make your feelings about a dress quite confusing.
If you wish to bring a bigger group, please call us and we will be able to discuss your request further.

Can I bring children to my appointment?

As much as we love children - it is impossible to make our boutique child friendly.
Pins and needles, delicate beadwork and luxurious fabrics don't lend well for curious little ones. Please refrain from bringing any children aged between 1-10.

We understand that very young babies need to be with their mothers, therefore we are more than happy for babies under one to attend and we will be happy to warm any bottles for you - in exchange for a cuddle!

How long do appointments last?

We allow up to two hours per appointment. This is usually enough time for trying on and having fun! If you need more time to make a decision, you are more than welcome to go away and have a think and we would be delighted to welcome you back for another appointment to try on the gowns in deliberation.

When should I order my dress?

As soon as your gut instinct is telling you that it is 'The One!'. The sooner its ordered, the more time you'll have to focus on the other details of your look/event.

Are your gowns made to measure?

Mostly yes! We will take your measurements and send them off along with an order for the design.
Our 'Off the Peg' dresses are discontinued designs that can no longer be made to measure but we are very good at matching you with the right fit or they can be easily altered to your shape.

Do you charge for Alterations?

Unless we state otherwise, alterations are not included in the final price.
At Bonsoire, we do not have an alteration service. We do however highly recommend two wonderful, brilliant and talented seamstresses but they are in no way connected to Bonsoire.

When will my dress arrive?

Brides - We aim to have your dress at least 3 months prior to your wedding date. This is all depending on when the order was placed though.

Evening Wear - If you have ordered a prom dress from Bonsoire, you can expect it to arrive within 11 weeks from purchase date. After which we will steam it for you and then give you a call to arrange a convinient time for you to come and collect it (and try it on again if you like!)

Do you charge for appointments?

No we have never, ever charged for appointments at Bonsoire! Our service to you is our pleasure