Prom FAQ's

When I should start looking for my prom dress?

We always suggest starting your search as soon as possible and we recommend no later than mid April if you are planning on using the made to measure service - you need time for your dress to be ordered, made specially for you, delivered and altered should it need it.
January and half terms are generally always our busy periods - this is when some dresses may have already gained exclusivity from someone at your school, so we say get there before anyone else to have first dibs!

What is your price range?

We cover all price points and budgets at Bonsoire. Made to measure collections start at £189 and go up to £499, depending on style and designer with average spend at around £249.

Our Bonsoire Archives carry beautiful 'off the peg' ex samples in immaculate conditions where you can get a floor sweeping dress for as little as £89. This is also a great option for those in need of a dress in a hurry - you will take the dress home with you the very same day!

What sizes are your samples?

Our average sample sizes are 10 - 14, however we carry ALL sample sizes randing from 4 - 26. If you are worried about this at all, please don't be! We try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and if a sample doesnt quite fit, we're very good at clipping the dress so that it is the best representation of how the dress will look when in your size.

Can I wear fake tan/make up?

Please please don't wear fake tan to your appointment! Unfortunately it destroys our dresses as it comes off VERY easily and it is impossible to remove. This therefore is at a big cost to us as we have to replace our sample gowns with new ones.
As for make up, we will permit light, minimal make up but we ask that you do not wear lipstick as this is easily transferrable to the delicate materials.

Shall I bring anything with me?

You may like to bring a comfy pair of heels if you are planning on wearing them on the big day, just to give you an idea of extra added height or how the dress will look if it is altered to your length.

How many people can I bring to my appointment with me?

We welcome you to bring a strict maximum of two people to your appointment. If you are 18 & under, please make sure that one of your guests is an adult.

We often get questioned why this is - our shop is a small yet perfectly formed space, designed for personal one to one appointments. We like to focus our entire attention on you and helping you to find the perfect dress. From experiance and feedback from past prom girls, we have learnt that the smaller the group, the better the experiance. You may also find that too many opinions can leave you feeling overwhelmed rather than excited.

You should bring with you guests who are supportive and whose opinions you trust the most - they are your cheerleaders!

Can I bring children?

As much as we love children - it is impossible to make our boutique child friendly. Pins, needles, delicate beadwork and luxurious fabrics don't lend well for curious little ones. Please refrain from bringing any children aged between 1-10. We understand that very young babies need to be with their mothers, therefore we are more than happy for babies under one to attend and we will be happy to warm any bottles for you - and we absolutely love a cuddle, just saying!

How long is my appointment?

Our appointments run hourly - this is plenty of time to choose your favorite dresses and try them on. If you have a couple of favorites and need more time to decide, you can come back for a retrial appointment when you're ready to do so.

Are alterations included in the price of my dress?

Unless we state otherwise, alterations are not included in the final price. At Bonsoire, we do not have an alteration service. We do however highly recommend two wonderful, brilliant and talented seamstresses but they are in no way connected to Bonsoire.

When will my dress arrive?

If you have ordered a prom dress from Bonsoire, you can expect it to arrive within 11 weeks from purchase date. After which we will steam it for you and then give you a call to arrange a convinient time for you to have your final fitting and collection.

Do you charge for Prom Appointments?

No we have never, ever charged for appointments at Bonsoire! Our service to you is our pleasure

How do I know if its the right dress for me?

This is one of our favorite questions that we get asked all the time!
If you feel amazing wearing it and you don't want to take it off - thats usually a great sign that you've found the perfect one. The most important points to remember is that there is no 'right way' to react to finding your dress and your opinion of it is the one that matters the most. If the dress makes YOU happy, go for it!

I am nervous about trying on dresses, do you have any advice?

This is very common as many people have not yet had the experiance of shopping for or wearing anything like a prom dress before!
We do our very best to put measures in place that ensure once you've arrived and the appointment is in full swing, you will naturally begin to relax and feel comfortable as time goes by. We promise, it'll be lots of fun!

If you are extremely anxious please call or email us beforehand and we can arrange special measures to be put in place, such as ensuring you are the only client present at the time or limiting sounds so that the store is quiet and peaceful during your appointment.