About Bonsoire

Hi! We are Claudia and Charlotte! 
We are a mother & daughter team and we bounce off of each other to deliver an unforgettable experience.
We like to think that our eclectic little shop nestled in the heart of Northampton is a reflection of ourselves. An explosion of colours, fabrics and styles. 
We don't just want to help you find your dream dress - we want you to leave our shop feeling a bit more confident than when you first arrived.
We invite all people from all walks of life. Any body is welcome in our shop. Our gowns are as individual as every person that tries them on. We want to celebrate you.
Our team might be tiny - but we pack bags of personality to make up for it and we can't wait to help you find a dress that you'll love.

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13A Market Square
TEL: 07880888474

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